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Fralyn Laswell is a wife, mom, and Mississippi wedding photographer
who has traveled the world and still believes nothing is more magical than a family coming together to celebrate a couple in love.

Classic meets contemporary in my signature approach to wedding day photography. By blending a meticulous attention to detail with a knack for capturing genuine emotion, I create balanced, immersive galleries that will transport you back in time to the day you said, “I do.” 

While I was growing up in the Philippines, my mom always kept a camera within arms reach. Whether we were celebrating a major holiday or just enjoying another day of ordinary family life, she snapped photos and filled albums. First steps, summertime popsicles, game nights – it was all there. As I burned through Harry Potter books and episodes of Friends to learn English, she preserved our legacy. When I asked her why she was so driven to document every little moment, she showed me a picture from her childhood...then told me this picture was the only one she had. She didn’t live surrounded by mountains of memorabilia that could instantly transport her back in time. So, she wanted to make sure that was a gift she could give to me someday. 

While she gave me the gift of a documented childhood, she also gave me so much more. Her passion for photography and its power to freeze moments in time inspired me to pursue the art myself. I went on to major in multimedia arts in college. I interned with the European Press Agency, got a job as a product photographer with a clothing company, and eventually launched a portrait photography business. But my mom’s view of photography as a window to the past eventually led me to document one of the most important days in a family’s legacy: the wedding day. 

The sophisticated sights, nostalgic smells, and uplifting sounds of a wedding day are unlike anything else in the world – and trust me, after traveling the world, I know what I’m talking about! To see a couple in love surrounded by family and friends who have encouraged and supported them in their love story is captivating. I’d love to serve as your Mississippi wedding photographer and capture it all for you to relive for decades to come. 



The moment you’re pronounced husband and wife, husband and husband, or wife and wife is truly the pinnacle of your big day. This is the moment you’ve been planning for, and seeing the joy on your face when it happens is pure magic! Now, it’s time to party!

i now pronounce you...

I’ll be honest: wedding cake is my weakness! It always looks so beautiful and so delicious that I always hope to get a taste. It’s my favorite way to wrap up a wild, crazy, emotional, fun-filled wedding day!

tasting your wedding cake


It doesn’t matter how many weddings I go to, I’ll get goosebumps during this part in the ceremony from now until I retire! The space is filled with such anticipation and joy, and I can’t help but get swept up in it.

watching you walk down the aisle


The older I get, the more I appreciate the effort families invest into wedding days. And after spending months listening to you talk about how incredible your parents are, I almost feel like I know them! So, meeting them for the first time is such an honor. 

meeting your parents


You’ve spent months gathering something old, new, borrowed, and blue. Now, let’s make sure you never forget a single tiny detail from your big day! I love puzzling them all together to create breathtaking flat lays for your album.

documenting your details



I truly mean it! I absolutely love wedding toasts! From the super sentimental to the kind of awkward, it’s such a joy for me to get to know you even better through the words of the people who love you most. 

hearing from your
family and friends


my favorite
wedding day 

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An effortless, uplifting
Mississippi wedding photography experience
unlike any other.

Breathtaking wedding photography isn’t just about clicks of a camera. It’s about learning your love story, finding out what matters to you as a couple, and embracing your family dynamic. It’s about making you feel as vibrantly alive as you do dancing front row at an indie rock concert and as cozy as you do sipping a vanilla latte at your favorite coffee shop with your best friends. It’s about an experience – from the moment you book to delivery day and beyond.


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