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March 13, 2020

Energy Filled Family Session in Rush Ranch

Sometimes I forget that military life can be so unique and special to a typical person, or as we call them, civilians. The life that we live – the PCS moves and having children not in your home state can be disorienting to the unacquainted. And that’s what the Palumbo Family just went through. Mary Ann and Caleb just had baby about 8 weeks ago. Now they have a little newborn and a soon-to-be three year old daughter named Charlotte.

I gotta say, Charlotte is just a big ball of energy. The kind I wish I have right now so I can keep up with my own newborn and business. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is how much I love this awesome girl.

As my current favorite spot, we’re back in Rush Ranch on what seemed to be the most perfect afternoon. The sky was clear, the air was warm and the wind just gently blowing through. We explored a different section from what I normally shoot in and we produced different kind of images than I had ever expected. As a growing photographer, I try to take a different approach to my style to set me apart from other photographers. For this session, I was able to capture the true essence of their family dynamic, the loving nature of Caleb and the most nurturing self of Mary Ann.

The Palumbo family is just incredibly fun to take photos of, just because they seemed to be in tune with themselves as a family unit.