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Mommy and Me

March 9, 2020

Second Time’s A Charm – Mommy and Me Session at the UC Davis Redwood Grove

Back in October, I had a great time taking photos of Kathryn and her family. Since then, I have built my business from the ground up, and she’s been my biggest supporter and being that soundboard I can tell anything to. Kathryn and her son Ti, have this incredible relationship that seemed to have a strong bond. This time, I wanted to focus on that and capture their fun adventures in the redwood grove in UC Davis.

Unlike my previous sessions, we started late morning. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, as I personally thrive working in the golden hour. But with schedule constraints, and setting a personal challenge, we decided to do it when this crazy weather finally permitted us to.

Kat’s outfit definitely set the tone for this session. Her beautiful dress, glowed in the daylight and she seemed confident and at ease with herself. Ti immediately had become fascinated by his new surroundings. He set off running towards where the squirrels and ducks were and I followed him closely by to be able to capture those special moments. I personally am entertained by what children are fascinated with, and it’s no different with him.

There have been happy accidents in this session as well. But I think it worked out so well and beautifully, because I like how sometimes things can be imperfect but we make it work anyway.