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March 8, 2020

Whatever The Weather, We’ll Be Together Forever

The nature of the Military life we currently live can be tough at times. It takes a while to get to know and meet new friends, and by the time you get really close with them; it’s time to move on to a new duty station, and start all over again.

I got to know Ryan during his Temporary Duty in New Jersey with my husband. We discovered shared interests and slobbered over the amazing baby back ribs at the Amish Market in Pennsylvania. Afterwards, he introduced us to the rest of his family. His wife, Katie and their three amazing children, Brooklyn, Liam and Jamie had become a part of our Air Force family. It’s an understatement when I say that I love these people so dearly. We’ve shared so many memories and spent many a game night just laughing and having fun.

This session had been months and months of planning, even before I launched Hello Fral Photography. They have been supportive of this journey and I wouldn’t trade this opportunity to capture moments for them for the world. It took a while to convince Ryan to move forward with the session, as husbands typically can be. But by some miracle, on a cold March afternoon, we made it happen.

It was by far the shortest session I’ve ever been a part of, it took us 20 minutes, in an out of location to get photos done. But in that short time, we were able to make and capture beautiful moments for their keepsake as they move on with their lives in Missouri.

This journal entry is very special to me, because these people are near and dear to my heart and I wanted to remember them by from these photos. We’ll definitely cross paths again, I’m sure of it.