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Anniversary, Family

February 27, 2020

Anniversary At The Almond Orchards

Darrian and Jacob were celebrating their sweet first anniversary on the day of our session under the almond trees. It had been a crazy year of firsts for them; deployment, new home, new business, and most important of them all, a perfect bundle of joy.

It was a very windy Sunday in Woodland that day, but these guys were up for the challenge of continuing with the session. We made sure little Jaxon was all warm and bundled up between turns while mom and dad were getting their photos taken. Jaxon is similar to my son in age so I am dearly reminded of how sweet they can be.

I was a bit nervous about meeting Jacob since I heard he’s not into photos but I managed to capture some of his smiles and him cuddling up with his beautiful wife and son. Like with all of my sessions, fun was had, and authentic moments were captured just as naturally as they come.