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February 24, 2020

A Chill Rush In Suisun

Capturing genuine moments has been the greatest joy in my career so far. Sometimes, all it takes is a spark for me to be able deliver images that last for a lifetime. I saw that special spark in Jennifer and Joshua. These newlyweds from Idaho, married in April of 2019 as high school sweethearts. A few months later, they are in sunny California living in their first Air Force base together.

Every time I come into a session, I still feel nervous, hoping that the elements and the light is just right. But all those worries yesterday just melted away once I started shooting these two love birds. I am very certain that these two naturals came in ready for this shoot because they were just having the greatest fun even before I started shooting.

My approach for my sessions is just to have fun and for it to be a full experience for all parties involved. For Jennifer, Joshua and I, it was a perfect hanging out session just with a camera involved.