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December 11, 2019

Photographer Lessons

Kathryn approached me for a family portrait session because her go-to moved recently, and she wanted to work with a new photographer. I was surprised and flattered with the opportunity to shoot with one of the nicest folks and their cute little one. We settled on a late fall afternoon in the rolling hills of Rockville Park in Fairfield.



If there’s anything I have learned in these new sessions, is that unlike my studio photography days, timing is key. It was late fall so I was trying to time everything during sunset because I was trying to capture the classic and lovely warmth of the late afternoon. But being the newbie that I am, I completely forgot to account for the time to hike up the hill for the spot we would be taking photos at.

It was one rookie mistake after another, but I am so lucky that they are such troopers, even little Ti. We raced towards the light, and somehow we still were able to capture beautiful moments. I took on the challenge of making them comfortable even though they weren’t used to being behind the camera.




After the session, Kat told me that her husband Robby, really loved the photos and to my surprise, even shared his experience in the sessions to his co-workers.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from this, is that planning is absolutely key to make everything seamless and effortless for the client family. They are my dear friends so they might have been a little bit more lenient with me. And to be given the space to learn, is such a nice opportunity to have.




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