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November 29, 2019

Maternity Session at Peña Adobe Park

Jennifer and I finally found the time to have this session in between our very pregnant and very busy schedules. In tow, are her beautiful husband, Leo and their adorable little girl, Rozalyn.

It was late fall, when the sun sets and moves so quickly. We walked to get on location with very pregnant bellies. This session is a part of my project working with friends that I’ve met at the Centering for Pregnancy meetings on base. I didn’t get to deliver at David Grant, but I sure found myself surrounded by three new beautiful mamas.

When I first met Jennifer, she was definitely the loud one in the group, but her outgoing, spirited nature really intrigued me. Our newborn sons are actually due on the same day, so we technically got pregnant on the same day. Isn’t that crazy?






Bautista-Maternity (25).jpgBautista-Maternity (25).jpg


I am very excited to see their family grow.

Rozalyn clearly loves her baby brother like no one else in the world.

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