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October 12, 2019

Our Big Sur Babymoon

It was a long journey to pregnancy for us, but we still went back and forth if we wanted to go on a babymoon. The stresses of pregnancy and baby planning got to us, so we decided to head out to Big Sur on an afternoon in October. It was also my birthday week, so we took it upon ourselves to have a double celebration for everything we’ve gone through this past year so far.

Ever since moving to California, Big Sur always had an allure that I wanted to discover for myself. Unlike other places, it seemed approachable and laid back. For this babymoon, we wanted to enjoy the energy that Big Sur seemed to always had.

Hiring a photographer we really loved, in a such a short notice was definitely a challenge for us. So with my husbands encouragement, I decided to take my own maternity photos. This eventually sparked my interest in pursuing photography as a full-time endeavor.

We spent three days in Big Sur, and we made countless stops because there was just so much to see. It was definitely a place worth coming back to. The following photos were just of my husband and I having a lot of fun at the 17 Mile Drive in Carmel.

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